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US Economy Rises Following Stronger Housing Market

US Economy RisesThe world's second largest economy has expanded considerably over the past six weeks following an improving United States' housing market, according to US Federal Reserve survey released on Wednesday. The survey concluded that rising housing market has contributed considerably in uplifting the economic growth of the country, eventually contributing to the US GDP growth.


World Bank cuts East Asia-Pacific GDP growth, signs of China's further economic downturn

World Bank cuts East Asia-Pacific GDP growthThe World Bank on Monday cut down the economic growth forecast by around 7.2% and it was also noticed that the Asian stocks fell. The main reason behind Asian stocks felling was the European markets which are suffering through stagnant economic conditions. The Bank slashed down GDP growth forecast for the entire East Asia-Pacific region and has estimated about the signs of China as well, being at risk. According to the bank, the economic conditions in China could worsen in coming days, and it would be more than the economists have anticipated.


US housing market rose to highest level in 2 years

US housing market rose to highest level in 2 yearsAfter experiencing a continuous drop down for 6 consecutive years since 2005, the US housing market has finally acquired pace, with the home prices acquiring extreme heights in last two years. Huge signs of economic recovery are seen with this dynamic rise. Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller Home Price Index, a 20 city composite index, rose by 1.6% from June to July 2012 with 1.2% from July last year. Apart from this growth, the index followed rise in the prior 3 months as well. The prices in the Chicago area which rose by 2.7% in July, better than the 1.6% national gain. Summer was a good real estate selling season in United States' housing market which resulted into such growth.


Economists correlate US Economy and iPhone 5

Economists correlate US Economy and iPhone 5With the launch of iPhone 5, the long wait and speculations regarding it have finally been rested. Taller, slimmer, lighter, iOS 6 operation system and hordes of other features have made this gizmo been touted by some as the greatest phone in the world. There's no doubt that once the phone arrives in stores on September 21, people will literally pounce on it. The sale of iPhone 5 is supposed to create far greater impacts, than just raking loads of money for Apple. An economist from J P Morgan has asserted that iPhone will boost the sluggish US economy by 0.5% in the coming quarter. This might be the first time in history that a tiny gadget will probably change the economy of a Superpower.


India Slides to 59th Position: WEF

India Slides to 59th Position: WEFIndia dropped by three ranks to be placed at 59th position in the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) 2012-13 survey conducted by World Economic Forum (WEF) on Wednesday. According to the survey of Global Trade Index of 118 economies worldwide, India because of its disappointing performance has slid 10 places since it peaked to 49th position in 2009 and lost three places since last year's survey. The country now stands at the 59th place, lagging behind China by a huge margin of 30.


Nasdaq’s new venture into the Japanese Market

Nasdaq’s new venture into the Japanese Market

As the Asian economy is boosting steadily, Nasdaq OMX, the US based Exchange Securities Group, is preparing their second stab by stepping in to the Japanese Market in association with Osaka Securities Exchange, in order to target the Asian investors; reports the domestic media.

The earlier venture of Nasdaq into the Japanese Market in 2000 failed. It was closed within two years odd years, failing to fight with Japan’s bullish broker Nomura Securities and other players.


Global Markets React To European Debt Crisis

Debt-Crisis5th February 2010, Wednesday: Equity markets across the globe witnessed a sharp sell-off on Tuesday over concerns about European debt crisis spreading from Greece to other countries of Europe. Stocks closed at two month lows as an impact of the debt crisis in Europe. The oil index dropped and the Euro traded below $1.30 at a 1 year low against the dollar.

The global markets reacted with dips due to worries that the 110 billion Euro ($143 billion) bail-out package for Greece which was announced over the weekend, will do no good to contain the spread of the crisis from Greece to other indebted nations in Europe. Yesterday’s fall in stocks all over the world resulted in a cut of more than $1.1 trillion from the market cap of all stocks put together.


Businesses Announce


Investors get a reason to celebrate as the big businesses announce a repurchase of their own stock.

As the cash reserves are soaring high with funds, there has been an outbreak of share buyback announcements by several of the big businesses in the past few months. Some of the business honchos that have ventured in the field include Fortune 500 companies like Applied Materials, Qualcomm, DirecTV, The Gap, Lowe's and Philip Morris. All these companies have expressed interest in the repurchase of their own shares worth at least $1 billion.


Google Top Facebook


Facebook, for the very first time, topped Google for most traffic to a single site over a weeklong period. Google, in other words became the most visited U.S. web site last week. Though it is the most visited site, facebook till date; had never trampled Google over a full weeklong period.


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