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The Dirty Side of China's Green Industry

The Dirty Side of China's Green IndustryThe European Union launched an investigation against the Chinese companies on Thursday, 6 September 2012 into alleged dumping of low-grade solar panels into the European markets. The probe came after European manufacturers claimed that firms in Beijing have exported billions of pounds of solar panels and solar power equipments below their market value.


Ashland Gets Green Money from State Energy Officials

Ashland Gets Green Money from State Energy OfficialsThe Commissioner of Department of Energy Resources Mark Sylvia presented about $330,000 in grants for the funding of clean energy projects in the towns of Ashland and Auburn. The town of Ashland got more than $150,000 as part of award money from the state energy officials in order to accomplish energy projects in the town. Both Ashland and Auburn are the leaders in bringing green energy revolution into Massachusetts and are committed towards making a healthy green environment, cutting the excessive use of energy and creating job opportunities. Richard K. Sullivan, secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs announced the awards and said the money is for the state's green communities.


Mexico To Seek Alternative Energy

Mexico-to-alternativeThe country, Mexico has wind in abundance and now it is that they have determined to try hitting this precious renewable source in order to restrict their dependability on petroleum, on which they are reliable from decades. Actually the quest of sustainable energy source became more severe when the country’s oil production dropped down by 9.2 percent in 2008.

At the windswept inauguration ceremony, Mexico’s President Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa said that, “If we don’t do something about this problem of climate change it probably could become; I am sure it already is; one of the biggest threats to humanity.”


Europe’s Green Energy ‘Supergrid’

Connecting-EuropeThere are always controversies persisting, regarding promotion of wind and solar energies as there is a question popping out -what happens when the wind stops blowing or sun stops shining? As an answer to this query, northern Europe plans for a huge electricity grid offered to unite variety of renewable energy sources. They have infact taken a step onward in January after the approval to nine countries that are intending to work together on the project.

The ‘supergrid’ with the help of thousands of miles of high-tech undersea cables will create a bond between farms on blustery British coasts and Belgian tidal power, which is the huge hydroelectric probable of Norway fjords and Germany's gigantic solar collections.


UK To Help Renewable Heat

UKThe Department for Energy and Climate Change stated that the scheme for renewable heat would initiate in April 2011.The entire program, which is proposed by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband Britons would be restricted at two percent of renewable energy supply.

Installation of low carbon electricity technologies like solar photovoltaic (pv) panels and wind turbines done by the householders and group of people, will be paid for the electricity they engender no matter if they even use for themselves. They will also get further payment for the electricity they supply into the grid.


US To Cut Emission By 2020

US-to-cutPresident Barack Obama, today proclaimed plans to lessen greenhouse gas emissions of federal government by 28 percent by 2020. This shift would lead to hoard up 205 million barrels of oil. The emission plan is the result of the commitment done by the administration to the Copenhagen treaty to lower GHG emissions of US by 17 percent by 2020.

Barrack Obama stated “As the largest energy consumer in the United States, we have a responsibility to American citizens to reduce our energy use and become more efficient,” He also said, “Our goal is to lower costs, reduce pollution, and shift federal energy expenses away from oil and toward local, clean energy.”


Before You Apply For Credit Cards

Before-applying-cardChoosing a credit card is not a simple job as new credit cards offers are at great competitions in the monetary segment. Think carefully and explore about all possible things you can, regarding the same. Various options like estimating rates, fees and other charges, returns and the amount of credit margin should be vigilantly thought upon before applying for credit cards. But prior to this you need to be aware about various types of credit card available at your service. Following are some of the most common types of those:


Major Types Of Bank Accounts

Major-Bank-TypeChecking Accounts
The checking account is an account type held at bank which provides frequent access to funds on demand with security. The account is also referred to as demand account or demand deposit accounts as it enables the depositor to draw checks that are payable on demand. It is actually used for regular use and is the best for frequent deposits and withdrawals. These accounts are generally free to open but a bank charges monthly fee if the average monthly balance drops below a definite amount. This account mostly earns you no interest.


Green Money

Plastic-MoneyPeople today, along with the shift in technologies have shifted to electronic payment system from the conventional method of cash payment. This is due to advancement in usage of internet which is certainly found to be convenient mode of delivery and payment. Plastic Money which is well-known as Plastic cards thereby is an important tool for day-to-day transactions of people at present as they enable them to carry out their transactions electronically. Following are the various Plastic cards, used by people currently.
ATM Card:
Automated teller machine cards are multi-functional cards which performs cash and non-cash deals in safe environment.


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