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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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PepsiCo- Eco-friendly Initiative

PepsicoPepsiCo is yet another corporation trying to become a green brand. Recently in a college meet Tim Carey, PepsiCo. Director of sustainability and technology explained the plans the company is adopting to practice sustainable processes while reducing the costs as well. Carey revealed the corporations’ sustainability slogan which said that,’ Let’s make tomorrow greater than today’. He explained that the initiative was not a money making process but it came out as a social responsibility towards the environment.

The PepsiCo Eco challenge aims at reducing water consumption by 20%, fuel consumption by 25% and electricity usage by 20% by 2015. In order to sustain the environment with continued profits and growth, PepsiCo has launched an initiative called performance with purpose. Performance includes consistent maintenance and sustained profitable growth. Purpose consists of conservation of natural resources and human knowledge of talent and issues. PepsiCo have set some guidelines for each of the above and will follow them.


ExxonMobil- Green Company Of The Year

Exxon-MobileExxonMobil has been the company to hate by environmentalists. ExxonMobil, the largest oil producer in the world has been one of the biggest polluters and had been troubling the climatologists over the issue. But, it took a giant leap to get the status of a go green company and was rewarded by Forbes magazine as the Green Company of the Year.

Recently, the company made an announcement that it would be investing around $600 million into Algae farms. This would help the sunlight to be converted into automotive fuel. There are questions over this move as to whether it can compete with the oil wells. But the news has really gone well with the environmentalists.


Cisco-Green Leadership Initiative

Cisco-GreenCisco has extended its ability to reduce the consequences on the environment as a result of the company’s operations and products. Cisco has planned to combine innovation power with collaboration which will enable to create the most sustainable model to advocate the global climate change. Hence, Cisco believes that the network can help to transform the global environmental challenges management and can become a ‘green platform’ for technology.

Cisco is planning to minimize the ecological impact by establishing responsible operation programs aimed to reduce energy consumption across the company, limit the greenhouse gas emissions implicated in global warming, closely manage the air quality, water consumption, food procurement and waste and lastly, monitor and ensure proper disposal of hazardous materials.


BSkyB- Carbon Neutral Company

BSKyBBSkyB started reducing its carbon emissions by 27% back in 2003 and finally in May 2006 it became the World’s first carbon neutral media company. The company said that it was not about only CO2. Sky has also worked on reduction of company waste and increase the overall recycling. Sky not only reduces its own environment impact but it also gives practical help and advice to its customers about sustainable living and working.

The process started with full support offered to the Sky people working towards green business issues. This work is in turn supported by a dedicated team of environmentalists which in turn is linked by a much complex taskforce of operation managers.