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Before You Apply For Credit Cards

Before-applying-cardChoosing a credit card is not a simple job as new credit cards offers are at great competitions in the monetary segment. Think carefully and explore about all possible things you can, regarding the same. Various options like estimating rates, fees and other charges, returns and the amount of credit margin should be vigilantly thought upon before applying for credit cards. But prior to this you need to be aware about various types of credit card available at your service. Following are some of the most common types of those:


Major Types Of Bank Accounts

Major-Bank-TypeChecking Accounts
The checking account is an account type held at bank which provides frequent access to funds on demand with security. The account is also referred to as demand account or demand deposit accounts as it enables the depositor to draw checks that are payable on demand. It is actually used for regular use and is the best for frequent deposits and withdrawals. These accounts are generally free to open but a bank charges monthly fee if the average monthly balance drops below a definite amount. This account mostly earns you no interest.


Green Money

Plastic-MoneyPeople today, along with the shift in technologies have shifted to electronic payment system from the conventional method of cash payment. This is due to advancement in usage of internet which is certainly found to be convenient mode of delivery and payment. Plastic Money which is well-known as Plastic cards thereby is an important tool for day-to-day transactions of people at present as they enable them to carry out their transactions electronically. Following are the various Plastic cards, used by people currently.
ATM Card:
Automated teller machine cards are multi-functional cards which performs cash and non-cash deals in safe environment.


How To Open American Bank Account

Opening-Bank-AccountFor transactions with bank, one definitely needs to open an account in the same. However opening an account is not that difficult when once you are pre-equipped with associated knowledge. To open an account there are a number of items you need be available with, of course depending on the demand of the bank you choose to deal with as every banks has their own requirements. This article though will help you comprehend the fundamental items you will require to open an account. The following are those which bank may ask you when opening a bank account:

Valid (current) official photograph ID
As the photo Id should contain name, address and all detail information about you. It helps the bank representatives be certain about your identity.