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Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD Line

Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD LineAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos took the wraps off of a complete new line of Kindle Fire tablets in a press event at Santa Monica, California on Thursday, 6 September 2012. Amazon unveiled four new Kindle Fire tablet computers including a new backlit e-reader called as the Kindle Paperwhite. Since the launch of its Kindle line in 2007, Amazon has refused to disclose the details regarding the sales numbers of Kindle and that's more unlikely for the new line of Kindle Fire HD tablets. Amazon's newly announced products include a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch and Kindle Fire HD with AT&T's 4G LTE support.


Facebook’s New App Center Is Here

Facebook's New App center is Here

The social networking giant Facebook officially announced its all new mobile App Center for Android and iOS platform with more than 600 social apps including Pinterest, Stitcher Radio, Nike+ GPS and Draw Something. The App Center is totally a new place for people to discover social applications. Also, it provides developers an excellent platform to develop their applications and creates great opportunities for other apps to become successful. It is a great way for developers to showcase their apps to millions of users. The App Center might look like Google Play and Apple's App Store, but it's not exactly their direct competitor.


The Third Generation iPad

The Third Generation iPad

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook unveiled their all new third generation iPad which has four times more pixels than its predecessor iPad 2. With the launch of new iPad 3, Apple took the experience of using tablets to a whole new level with amazing new features. The new iPad or officially called as iPad 3, is a tribute to the tablet lovers. Though, it possesses a similar design as that of iPad 2, but much better, with great display, rich colors, razor-sharp text, 44% greater saturation, an updated processor, better camera and much more.


Top 5 gadget categories to gift this holiday season

Top 5 gadget categories to gift this holiday seasonEvery holiday season, the sale of consumer electronics has been consistently increasing. Everyone has at least one uber-cool gadget on their holiday shopping list either for self or home or for gifting to a dear one. Be cautious though, if that person happens to be a geek, you don’t want to gift something that is passing off or worst, fallen off the geek radar. Have a look at these top five categories and the consecutive gadgets to save you from the geek-blast. The categories that make up our hip-list are as follows.


Company Technology Help

Technology-help-for-your-coIn today’s world times we are in urge to do even more in order to sustain business levels and at the same time try to increase them with new clients or customers.

The best marketing knows about what the customer wants, listening to their feedback, matching your offering and then getting your message out hopefully in tune with your clients and your target markets now a days clients are also interested in technology and your capability, security and innovations.


Technology Help

Technology-help-for-small-bIf you want to succeed in small business, there's really no getting away from computers, technology and the internet. Evaluate IT is the virtual IT department for the small business

Technology help and advice

Maybe if you are looking to buy a new computer or software and you want some advice on what is best value for money for your business?


Integrating Accessible Technology

Integrating-Accessible-TechIn accessible technology into business world today, business managers discover how to utilize the built in accessibility features in Microsoft products to meet the needs and preferences of people with disabilities. The book speaks about the assistive technology featuring in Microsoft software that can be used to notify specific impairments, including vision and hearing or mobility. Case studies illuminate that Microsoft accessibility solution in action, in real world work settings.

Retain the Most Valued Employees

Accessible technology puts in visual and hearing, mobility, language and learning impairments, which helps organizations to maintain talented employees who are infected with temporary or permanent disabilities, and those who develop impairments due to the natural aging conditions.


Increase Business Productivity

business-productivity-with-Microsoft Dynamics for any business management promotes a people focused approach to productivity. By empowering people to accomplish their best, you can heighten the productivity of collaborating teams, workflows and processes, key relationships with suppliers and customers, and technology across any organization.

Use of technology to get accurate information.

Reporting and business analysis tools always help people to gain a deep understanding of business performance, customer preferences, and market trends.


BD-C6900 -Samsung's 3D Blu-Ray Player

SamsungSamsung by Full HD 3D and funky glasses which can be somewhat beneficial  for a  peek through the transparent cover and watch the disc spin has unveiled its latest family of Blu-ray players BD-C6900 for 2010 compatible with both the 3D Blu-ray standard and the company's existing 3D displays.


It’s all featuring Internet with TV and Samsung application features from Netflix which are beneficial for marketing and official uses from business point of view and which will soon pop up for preorders on Amazon market, including the 3D playing BD-C6900. The manufacturer recently announced displays of 240HZ 3D LCDs for business purpose. With the beginning of  massive production and  its major use in marketing and cooperative sectors it isn't waiting for the competition before diving in, issuing the first price we have seen for one of the new players at a penny shy of $400.But we have to wait until Blu-ray player certainly hold its position in the top.


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