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Tuesday, Oct 29th

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Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD Line

Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD LineAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos took the wraps off of a complete new line of Kindle Fire tablets in a press event at Santa Monica, California on Thursday, 6 September 2012. Amazon unveiled four new Kindle Fire tablet computers including a new backlit e-reader called as the Kindle Paperwhite. Since the launch of its Kindle line in 2007, Amazon has refused to disclose the details regarding the sales numbers of Kindle and that's more unlikely for the new line of Kindle Fire HD tablets. Amazon's newly announced products include a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch and Kindle Fire HD with AT&T's 4G LTE support.


Facebook’s New App Center Is Here

Facebook's New App center is Here

The social networking giant Facebook officially announced its all new mobile App Center for Android and iOS platform with more than 600 social apps including Pinterest, Stitcher Radio, Nike+ GPS and Draw Something. The App Center is totally a new place for people to discover social applications. Also, it provides developers an excellent platform to develop their applications and creates great opportunities for other apps to become successful. It is a great way for developers to showcase their apps to millions of users. The App Center might look like Google Play and Apple's App Store, but it's not exactly their direct competitor.


VoFi is Back-Super-Fast WiFi

VoFi-is-coming-back-Super-fThe 802.11n standard ushers in fast network through puts range that will change wireless access, services and applications. With this final blessing and any hesitancy that existed within many organizations around 802.11n deployment has been removed. The ratification of 802.11n is a Voice over Wireless, or VoFi.

Necessity of VoFi
As with Void, whose work requires great management with decreasing endpoint delays, prioritizing traffic way and monitoring network traffic to ensure the needs of both voice and data traffic which is being adequately met. Are you prepared to manage with your new VoFi Environment?


Agriculture Sector Technologies

The-technology-that-is-chanAgriculture business is full of spinning new products, technology and trends that promise big changes for crop farmers. The editors reporting for  any Farm Industry news have pulled together an informal list of the people with the products, ideas and trends that may make any operation more efficient and more profitable in the future for agriculture.

Autonomous tractors

Autonomous tractors are the tractors that run themselves with a computer in control are nearly here. Some equipment manufacturers have already experimented this method of driverless tractors but have not taken them beyond the research stage.


Olympics New Technologies

Related-technologies-in-spoWhen an Olympic champion plays in the competition it uses a certain brand of equipments or materials while achieving victory, the exposure can make a translation of big volume for that brand at the sports equipment store, After all it makes us look like a more serious competitor ever.

Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit- Developed in association with NASA and the Australian Institute of Sport, the LZR Racer is made up of woven eglantine nylon and polyurethane material that's supports to hold the body in a more hydrodynamic position, on the other hand it expelling water and allowing for improved oxygen flow to the muscles. It also facilities ultrasonically welded seams to avoid dragging over the water.


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